We are calling for Investors

Our investers will be entitled of various benifits with terms and conditions details as given below.

Investment Eligiblity

  • Minimum Investment up to 10 crores.
  • Investment locking period is of 5 years.

Benefits of investment

  • 5% Equity Share in Hemdha Medi Resource.
  • One Seat on Hemdha’s Board of Directors.
  • One seat in the medical college under the Management Quota would be provided to Investor every year till the period of Investment.

Closing Conditions

  • Satisfactory completion of legal, accounting, tax, financial, commercial and environmental due diligence, in Investor’s sole discretion.
  • Negotiation, execution and delivery of satisfactory and mutually acceptable “Transaction Documents”.
  • Receipt of committed investment .
  • True and correct representations and warranties as of the Closing Date

Terms & conditions

Information Right

  • So long as an investor holds Security, Hemdha will deliver to such investor annual audited and quarterly unaudited financial statements.


  • Investor can sell the shares to founder promoter Dr. S.N.Gupta or any other person / entity nominated by Dr. S.N.Gupta.
  • Investor will give one year advance notice to Hemdha of his intention to exit.